Polished Natural Labradorite Sculpture - 5.0 inches

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This stunning, hand-polished, freeform labradorite sculpture (a feldspar mineral) is from Madagascar. Its coloration and iridescence are exceptional. This piece sports a single polished face, exhibiting the contrast of the natural mineral and the hand polished face. The polishing is complete, bringing out natural hues - green, blue, gold, and orange - that shimmer in the light, changing tones and intensity depending on the display angle and level of lighting. Its beauty cannot be fully captured by a camera! Also note that it picks up surrounding colors - so feel free to experiment with its placement. We recommend displaying this piece in diffuse, rather than direct light. 
  • Note: No artificial enhancement of color -- all natural.
  • Measures 5.0 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide x 2.50 inches deep, weighs 1.108 kilograms / 2 lbs. 7oz 
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