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Palm Inflorescence, Green River Formation, United States

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Large and intricately detailed fossil palm inflorescence (also know as a "palm flower")

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful examples of fossil flora we have ever seen. The delicate features are wonderfully preserved in original matrix, standing out crisply from the light-coloured shale.

This stunning and rare plant fossil was found in the Green River Formation, home to numerous spectacular finds, including fish, palms, crocodiles, turtles, leaves, insects and more. 

  • Preserved on a shale slab measuring 73 x 46 inches and weighs approximately 250 lbs. 
  • Backed with a french cleat system for wall-hanging.
  • Species: Sabalites sp.
  • Locality: Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA
  • Age: Early Eocene - 50 million years old.