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Cave Bear Skeletons, 9'2" Tall

This piece has been sold, but we may have a similar item available. Contact us online to make an inquiry.

  • Composition of two giant male cave bears professionally mounted in dynamic fighting position
  • The specimens were discovered in Siberia, Russia, Late Pleistocene Epoch (126,00 to 11,700 years ago).
  • Largest skeleton, in displayed position, measures 9'2" tall (280 cm); the second skeleton measures 8'8" (264 cm). For reference, the man in the photo is approximately 5'10" tall. Mount adds about 10 cm extra in height, so the total height with mount is about 9'6" (290 cm).
  • Each skeleton comes with a custom-made, moveable metal armature
  • Like all cave bear skeletons on the market, these are composites, meaning the bones in each skeleton come from several individuals (one of the skeletons has about 40% of bones from a single individual and the other has about 25% of bones from a single individual). 
  • Assembly required (detailed instructions included)

Currently only the larger of the two skeletons is available 

Cave bears were truly impressive prehistoric animals, with males reaching over 1000 lbs. Interestingly, some evidence suggests that they were significant to Neanderthals, perhaps even worshipped by them. For example, caches of cave bear skulls aligned in the same direction have been found in Switzerland and France, possibly the result of ritualistic practices.