Baby Megalodon Teeth, Pack of 10 or More

$30.00 USD

Inventory quantity available: 41

These real fossil shark teeth were found in South Carolina and are from the prehistoric Carcharocles megalodon, the largest predatory fish to ever swim the oceans.

Astonishingly, Megalodon bite marks have been found in whale bones. Scientists estimate that Megalodon measured 10 feet for every inch of shark tooth length!

Age: Miocene, 16 - 25 million years old.

Each meg tooth measure around 1 inch in length with slight variations in size. Most teeth are about 75% complete. Expect variation in colour and shape. No restoration - a great gift for the pricepoint!

Note: Representative items in pictures. 

$30 per pack of 10 teeth

$50 for pack of 20 teeth

$100 for pack of 50 teeth