Unique Megalodon Tooth - 5.05 inches

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  • This beautifully coloured fossil shark tooth (Carcharocles megalodon) is a true collector piece. It's highly desirable because of its size, unique colour with hints of beige and copper, completeness (including bourrelet) and overall quality. The enamel coverage is excellent and it has razor sharp serrations and a pointed tip. This particular gem is completely unrestored. 
  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Age: 3 - 7 million years old 
  • Megalodon was the largest predatory fish to ever swim the oceans. Astonishingly, Megalodon bite marks have been found in whale bones. Scientists estimate that Megalodon measured 10 feet for every inch of shark tooth length. This monster could have measured over 50 feet long! 
  • Measures precisely 5.05 inches (12.82 cm) at longest edge. Weighs 230 grams (8.11 ounces).  
 Image courtesy of  Karen Carr -