Spectacular Fossil Fish, Phareodus testis - 7.5 inches

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This large predatory fish is called a Phareodus, a relative of present day Arowana (Bony Tongues, family Osteoglossidae). It is among the rarer species of fish in the Green River Formation. Interestingly, Phareodus fossils have even been found with small fish preserved in their mouths or stomachs. 

It swam in thriving ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming, USA, 50 million years ago and were discovered in the famous Green River Formation, known to produce some of the most spectacular vertebrate fossils.

Measurements: Fish Length 7.5 inches / 19.2 cm, plate measures 9.5 inches long / 24 cm by 5.5 inches wide by 1 inch / 2.5 cm thick. Weighs  4 lbs 15 oz (2257 grams).Certificate of authenticity included.