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"Willard" - Exceptionally Large Triceratops Skeleton

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We are excited to present "Willard" - an extremely unique triceratops, quite possibly a new species of Ceratopsian. Willard would soar two feet taller (at the hip) than other large Triceratops specimens (for example, compared to the cast specimen at the Barnes County Museum). With his immense size and unique nose horn, he is in a category of his own.

Willard is being sold "as is" - We can, however, discuss the preparation and mounting of the skeleton (which is a significant project). 

Willard was found in Bowman County, North Dakota, USA.

18 out of 24 of the largest bones present. Approximately 45% complete by mass.

Bone Count

  • Nose Horn
  • Neck Block
  • Squamosal
  • 1 unidentified skull piece

  • Ribs, Approx. 17
  • Vertebrae, Approx. 12 (does not include Sacrum)
  • Pubis, both right and left
  • Ischia, both right and left
  • Ilia, both right and left
  • Sacrum, includes all fused vertebrae
  • Scapula, both right and left
  • Coracoid, right side and a portion of left
  • Femur, right
  • Tibia, right
  • Fibula, left
  • Radius, left
  • Ulna, left
  • Humerus, right

More bones can be supplied from other triceratops specimens if interested in preparing a composite skeleton. 

Note that some images include Willard's massive bones in comparison to the same bones from another large and well known triceratops skeleton named "Bob" (including radius to radius and tibia to tibia). 

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Large Triceratops Skeleton - "Bob

Another large Triceratops skeleton, "Bob"