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Winter Open House and Sale Coming Up

Fossil Stingray for Sale - Heliobatis - Green River Formation - Eocene Epoch

Our next open house sale is coming up soon. Check out Fossil Realm on February 25-26, 10am to 5pm. See our biggest selection of inventory ever! Fossil Realm is located at 60 Basaltic Rd. Unit 18 in Vaughan, Ontario - just north of Toronto. 

Over a ton of "break your own" geodes in 3 sizes. 
Huge septarian nodule "thunder eggs" from Madagascar.
Two gorgeous fossil stingrays from the Green River Formation.
Hundreds of iron meteorites - pendants and specimens.
Fantastic amethyst crystals from Brazil. 
Beautiful Quartz crystals from Madagascar.
Gigantic Megalodon Tooth inlaid with Pyrite
Ocean Jasper Spheres and Slabs.
Three fossil turtles from South Dakata.
Two dragonflies from Solnhofen, Germany
Huge Carnivorous Dinosaur Teeth
Hundreds of small fossil fish from Wyoming
Beautiful Splash copper from Michigan
And much more!


Megalodon Shark Tooth Inlaid with Pyrite For Sale 


January 24, 2017 by Peter Lovisek
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