Huge Savings at our One-Day Sale: ammonites, mammoth teeth, petrified wood...and more!

This Saturday, September, 21 (10am to 5pm) is your best opportunity to buy our incredible fossil and mineral specimens at greatly reduced prices. One day only - at our warehouse and showroom in Vaughan (Toronto Area), Canada.

Save hundreds of dollars on spectacular giant ammonites from Madagascar and pyritized ammonites from the famous Holzmaden Shale. Get high quality, complete mammoth teeth for as low as $95 (half price!). Major reductions on colossal Indonesian petrified wood - including our top showcase fossil tree (4 feet tall) - was $4000, now $3200 (save $800!).

We have hand-carved stone sculptures from Zimbabwe reduced by 30% - ranging from $15 to $95. Major price reductions on Blue calcite / rose quartz spheres, labradorite, celestine geodes, selenite crystals, and many more high-end decorator and collector minerals.  

Hope to see you at the Fossil Realm Open-house and One-day Sale!  

Madagascar Ammonite - was $2000 - now $1500 (save $500!)

Amazing, one-of-a-kind Petrified Wood - hundreds of dollars off! Diversity of size, shape, colour...

Can't wait to see you there!



September 20, 2013 by Peter Lovisek
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