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Fossils from Lebanon - Strange Creatures of the Sea

mantis shrimp fossil present day mantis shrimp has just uploaded several rare and fascinating fossil specimens from famous fossil locales of Lebanon - which boast some of the finest fossils in the world. Pictured above is a bizarre predatory mantis shrimp fossil beside a modern day descendant from Thailand. 

These fossils date back to the Middle Cretaceous Period, about 95 million years ago. They are preserved in a fined grained limestone, which is ideal for capturing the details of the animal tissues - these creatures really seem to be alive and swimming!

So far we have added three marine invertebrates: a mantis shrimpslipper lobster, and brittle stars. We will soon be adding some interesting fossil fish from these famous quarries as well.

You can see all of Fossil Realm's Lebanese fossils here. Visit this info page to learn more about the quarries in Lebanon and the fantastic fossils that have been found there. 

January 27, 2013 by Peter Lovisek
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