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Spectacular New Fossils and Minerals Arrive for Next Warehouse Sale

It’s the most exciting time of the year for Fossil Realm! On February 21-22 we will be unveiling our newest acquisitions, which arrived this week – a shipment of about 10,000 lbs!

Our newest museum quality fossils include:

9.5 foot long curvy mammoth tusk from Alaska

A fantastic collection of fossil fish, including gars, stingrays, and an aspiration (a large fish eating a fish)!

Giant amphibian mortality specimen with 3 skulls

Gorgeous Permian amphibians from Germany

Impeccable, complete aquatic reptile skeleton

30 million year old tortoise with rarely preserved head and legs

Huge articulated cave bear hand from Romania

Stunning pyritized ammonites from Russia

Large Carnivorous Dinosaur Tooth (Carcharodontosaurus)

Breathtaking minerals, including jewellery grade amethyst cathedrals, glistening pyrite from Peru, quartz crystals, polychrome jasper, and more.

Plus many affordable fossils and minerals, including dinosaur teeth, fossil ferns, cut ammonites, petrified wood cross sections, fossil starfish, sliced dino bone, mosasaur teeth in matrix, dendrites, azurite, labradorite, celestine, lapis and more.

Sale runs Saturday and Sunday, February 21-22, from 10am-5pm at Fossil Realm - 60 Basaltic Rd., Unit 18, Keele / Hwy 7 in Vaughan (just north of Toronto, Ontario). 

Huge rare fossil gar from Wyoming - 50 million years old


Complete fossil reptile skeleton from Madagascar - 250 million years old



Amethyst cathedral geodes from Brazil - Jewellery grade (deepest purple)


Rare aspiration (fossil fish preserved swallowing another fish) - 50 million years old


Rare Sclerocephalus amphibian - Permian Period - 295 million years old


Giant Triassic amphibian (triple) skull mortality specimen with jaws  


February 10, 2015 by Peter Lovisek
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Mineral Mindz

Mineral Mindz said:

This is such a remarkable collection of fossils on this sale. I remember that fossil collection I have seen at a famous shop of Ontario, Canada. These fossils are one also amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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