September Open House a Monster Success!

Hoards of excited, awe-struck children met our Mosasaur at this past weekend's show. We couldn't be happier to see the joy it brought to them. 

"My kids were thrilled to see the mosasaur and all the other treasures... the grab bags of fossils were perfect"

-Kind regards, Jennifer Shelton

We reached many more people than usual due to the news coverage that our mosasaur received.

It started with a front page article a local paper, the Vaughan Citizen. Soon after, the Toronto Star picked up the story, just in time to inform the public about our open house.

The open house was also covered by Global TV and Snap Vaughan on Saturday. 

What's most important to us is that our event has inspired several budding paleontologists, geologists and fossil collectors in the Greater Toronto Area. Plus, the popular $5 grab bags with 5 labeled fossils and minerals will be the perfect start to their collections. 

September 30, 2014 by Peter Lovisek
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