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Pre-Christmas Sale Dates Confirmed - Saturday November 30th, 2013, 10am - 5pm

The Holidays are rolling around and it's time to get that special someone the gift of a lifetime. 
At out our next big sale, the Fossil Realm Showroom / Warehouse will be packed with countless unique nature gifts. This year we've come up with convenient mineral and fossil gift bundles. New items for the avid collector are also arriving - mammoth fossils from Alaska, one of the biggest Magalodon shark teeth available on the market, and a new, affordable mammoth tusk.
When: November 30th, 2013. 10am - 5pm
Where: Fossil Realm Showroom and Warehouse - 60 Basaltic Rd. Unit 18, Vaughan, ON
Gift idea: Polished Orthoceras - 380 million year old fossil squid - starting at only $7.99
Gift Idea: Sliced Agate Pendants - $9.99
Gift Idea: Bismuth Crystals from Germany - Starting at $6.99
Gift Idea: Stone Spearpoints (3.5 inches) - $6.99
Gift Idea: Polished Petrified Wood Natural Sculptures. Starting at $19.99
Gift Idea: Pyrite Cubes - All Natural. Starting at $19.99
Gift Idea: Megalodon Shark Tooth. Partials starting at $9.99, Complete Teeth starting at $350
Check back here for updates about the sale: new items, new deals, pics and more!
November 11, 2013 by Peter Lovisek
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Marvin said:

We dropped by Fossil Realm for their Pre Xmas sale and I have to tell you that we were very impressed with everything and everyone we encountered. Nothing is better than actually seeing up close the fossils and minerals to appreciate their beauty. To top that off both Peter and Jim are a wealth of knowledge and very friendly. The prices were better than we could hope for, much better than other places we have been at. We are looking forward to more visits to Fossil Realm in the future. Thanks guys!

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